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    全自動生化LW C200
    全自動生化LW C200
    Ziehm Compact
    倍爾康Berrcom 非接觸式額溫槍 紅外線額溫計

    Clinical Report

    ·64-row CT coronary angiography in the diagnostic value
    ·Scientist take first 3-D image of human artery
    ·British Development of new breast imaging system
    ·CT scan slightly increases risk of cancer

    Company News

    ·GE portable ultrasound equipment completed 08 Beijing Olympic Games with health care work
    ·Siemens Medical to establish a new CT scanner, new industry standard
    ·Siemens Molecular choose a new inspection system operating system
    ·GE Medical to launch new products to meet the five kinds of China's rural-based heath care market
    ·Rui Ke dental equipment, hold the well-being in old age

    Medical Exhibit

    ·2009 China (Shanghai) diagnostic reagents and equipment
    ·Jiangsu Province, the 13th Medical Devices fairs (2009)
    ·Tenth, Yunnan, China Medical Devices Equipment and Technology Exhibition
    · Egypt ninth international hospitals, clinics and medical equipment
    · 2009 Changchun, China Medical Devices sixth Expo
    ·The third Chinese medicine pharmaceutical, medical device (Vietnam) Fair
    · Sixteenth session of the Western International Medical Equipment Fair
    ·Uzbekistan Fourteenth International Medical Medicine Show


    ·Chinese Medical Association neuropathy credits will be the 12th National Conference of Neurology
    ·Chinese Neuroscience Society Eighth National Symposium
    ·Chinese Medical Association in 2009 the Dermatovenereology National Academci Essay
    ·Held on laboratory biosafety seminar NOTICE

    New Tec

    ·Good immune system, stem cells bad reaction
    ·Sleep apnea and the relationship between amnesia
    ·Your RESPeRATE help lower blood pressure
    ·Skin Care: Thermage
    ·Uterine cancer and the relationship between long-term sitting
    ·Scientists have discovered cells in the diagnosis of cancer can microbubble
    ·Floss and toothpicks
    ·Effectively inhibited "hunger hormone" A new method
    ·Sleep medicines can help reduce the pain

    Medical Device Maintain

    ·Wandong 80KW figures a case of gastrointestinal machine repair
    ·Siemens linear accelerator MD7745-prone to faults
    · The United States BE-3000 hematology analyzer FAQ
    ·Finland Nissan automatic plate washer Common Faults
    ·Drager anesthesia machine Analytical Troubleshooting
    · Shimadzu XEDl20L-20X-ray machine
    ·AS-600 Japan-based print head function Miriam Frederick

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